Warning: Those with photosensitive epilepsy take caution. This website contains flashing GIFs and images.


...to my little space of the internet

"But Hayley, don't you already have a website?"

I do! But, I've been yearning for a fun, personal place outside of any social media. A place where I can express myself and share more of the stuff I love and keep things super casual, whereas it wouldn't be suitable on my main website. Plus, I'm super nostalgic for the 90s/00s web experience. I always wanted a website like this when I was a kid, and I just have enough coding experience to cobble one together!
  • 11th May 2024: Ooof, sorry for the lack of updates here for a while! I was really busy with work, college and conventions. And then when I saw all my image links broke across various pages, I hadn't the will to fix them for ages. But they've all been fixed now. I'll get around to doing a big Cool Stuff update soon!
  • In 2024, I'd like to start making shrines dedicated to various favourite media of mine that I've drawn looooads of fan art for. This may involve dusting off decade old art from the archives... we'll see, but definitely stay tuned!